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Do you want to discover Portuguese wines?

In 2017 I started a journey as Airbnb Experience host doing wine classes in my flat in the Lisbon center.

Several hundreds of wine lovers discovered the amazing Portuguese wines through this wine experience, since beginners to Sommeliers.

Even working from home it was quite demanding with long hours of work. The reward came with a 4,94 rated at Airbnb, it was the most successful wine experience in the city.

Anyway, for me the best prize was to see the happy faces of the guests while enjoying the Portuguese wines and keep in touch after vacations.

In March 2020 everything ended and I had to close The Wine Flat Lisbon. Starting next May tourism activities will be allowed in Portugal and will stay like that for all summer. Let's hope for the best!

So, I'm please to announce that Discovering Portuguese Wines Airbnb experience will be back starting 5th of May 2021.

Let's get together in my living room, an informal setting, while I take you through the Portuguese wine regions and the grape varieties in an easily approachable way, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

I'll tell you about wine making and oak aging methods and cork production. We'll eat grapes to better understand the components of wine. I'll share wine tasting technique, vocabulary and tricks, that will help you become an expert wine taster. We are going to taste (and drink!) wines from five different Portuguese wine regions, both white and reds.

At the end, we will discuss the food pairing techniques while I serve some Portuguese genuine flavors. You also will take back home two exclusive gifts, an easy to use wine guide about Portuguese wines and the second, I will keep as a surprise. I guarantee you’ll come away wanting to drink more!

  • Bookings are now available starting the 5th of May.

  • Only private classes (1-6 people)

  • If it suits your needs, it is possible to hold a wine class on another day or time.

What is the Portuguese wine region or grape variety you are more looking for to discover?


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