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Does the Type of Wine Glass Matter? The Definitive Answer!

If you're wondering whether it really matters what type of wine glass you drink your wines from, the answer is yes. The shape of the wine glass can have a huge impact on how much air enters into contact with the wine and how it tastes. Good wine glasses are designed to allow the wine to release aromas, however without escape. This blog post covers all aspects of the debate so you'll know which kind to use!

“Does the wine glass actually matter?” This is one of those questions I’m usually asked in wine courses.

My answer is always the same - Yes, yes, and yes! And you have no idea how much.

In the same way that a high quality wine becomes "ordinary", the wine you drink in your everyday life can also become special nectar. How? One of the tricks is just the shape of the glass you use to drink it. Want to know how? Then read on.

The truth is that using the correct wine glass has a huge influence on the pleasure you derive from drinking the wine. If you have taken the time to select the perfect bottle, then serving it in a glass that brings out its characteristics only makes sense. In short, always choose a glass that tapers at the top (tulip shaped goblet) which will allow you to release the aromas of the wine, but above all, it will channel the nectar to your tongue in a way that will give you guaranteed more pleasure and ease in capturing the taste nuances of the wine.

But even before you get to the pleasure of actually tasting the wine, in order to appreciate the color correctly, choose a glass that is:

  1. made of colorless glass

  2. without any engraving or decoration

  3. with a thin rim

  4. with a high foot

These are all elements, which once present (1 and 2) will distort the color of the wine and in opposition inhibit your pleasure (3 and 4) in drinking the wine.

Once you’ve analyzed the smell and taste of the wine, consider the glass as if it were a magnifying glass. It should increase the aromas and flavors of the wine and therefore, once again, your pleasure. That is, by using the right glass both you and the wine win.

If you have any doubts complete the following exercise:

- select several shapes of wine glasses from your house (even the juice glasses!)
- open a bottle of wine
- pour a little bit of wine into each glass
- practice your tasting technique like a professional.

In the end ask yourself "in which glass, does the wine have a richer aroma and taste?"

You’ll be surprised at the result.

By the way, do you know how not to hold a wine glass? The proper way is never with the thumb ans little finger curled around the bowl of the glass. Always place your fingers along the stem.

Generally speaking, you should have three types of glasses at home - white, red, tasting.

White wine glasses usually have a narrower goblet than red wine glasses. In the former, you can also enjoy rosé wines and natural sparkling wines.

As for red wine glasses, in addition to these wines, you can enjoy white wines with prolonged aging in wood.

Finally, the so-called "tasting" glasses. These are the ones that professionals use in tasting rooms, in contests, and sometimes it’s the official glass of wine events.

You may find them identified as ISO glasses (International Standard Organization).

Personally, I find them small, with no space for the wine to "open" in the cup, as is the case with most Flutes (sparkling wine glasses). That is, like a magnifying glass, they don't work! So I don't recommend either one.

To purchase quality tasting glasses, you’ll most likely have to look in kitchen accessory stores or even wine stores. The great thing about these glasses in my opinion is their versatility. First, you can use them to taste wine every time you open a bottle. Second, they’re great for serving any sweet or dry fortified wine.

The shape of the glass makes all the difference, but you only need to have three types of glasses at home - white, red, and tasting - and you’ll be able to properly drink every type of wine there is. Isn't that great?

Finally, consider investing in glasses from glassmakers who specialize in making glasses. There are several brands in Portugal, at various prices, and the quality of the glass, including durability, stands out.

Do you agree or disagree that the wine glass does make a difference?


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