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Who is
Teresa Gomes

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Teresa Gomes is a Portuguese woman who’s always been passionate about the world of wines... This sentence could describe the beginning of my professional career, but unfortunately,  this is not the case.


The truth is, after high school and by chance, I “landed” myself in a Professional Bar Training Course back in 1993.  Four years later when working in a specialty Port wine shop, I fell out of love with wine.


Along the way in my career, I completed the Sommelier Course in 2001 amongst other specialized wine courses in both Portugal and the United States. And since 2004, I have inspired over 17,000 to become Portuguese wine aficionados.

Will you be my next guest?

If you’ve visited Portugal or live here, we may have crossed paths already at some event, tasting, or fair. Likely, I’ve even served you a glass of wine. It’s quite possible seeing as I’ve been lucky enough to have hosted more than 900 wine courses and many of these courses took place inside The Wine Flat Lisbon

An intimate space dedicated to learning about Portuguese wines opened in 2017 that reached the top as one of the most requested experiences in the city of Lisbon by tourists. 


I was also honored with the Sommelier of the Year Award 2017 by Vinho Grandes Escolhas magazine and shortly afterward I was inaugurated into the Confraria do Vinho do Porto, a by invite only Port Wine Brotherhood.
In 2021, I embarked on a new adventure, a series of private online courses in English about Portuguese wine.

As the year 2024 arrives, I continue on my mission to share my knowledge and passion for Portuguese wine. ​ ​ ​


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