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How often is wine at the center of an “Oh my god do you remember that meal” type of memory? And it’s because of that gastronomic encounter that you remember that trip and that specific day and who you were with when you filled your stomach with so much food and joy? 


How often are wine and food paired with a culinary related best time of your life memory? And it’s because of that gastronomic experience that you remember that specific trip, that particular day, who you were with, and the joy that you felt.

Creating this type of experience is exactly what happens when you hire a Sommelier for your next event - the memories are everlasting.

Teresa Gomes Sommelier & Wine Educator.j




My most requested service is the Sommelier Service: a presentation with a curated wine tasting experience.


Participants get to know the grape varieties and regions of Portugal. How they are made, where they are from and the stories behind each matured bottle of wine. The possibilities are truly endless, contact me for a customized experience. 


For in-home Sommelier services that are conducted during a meal, the wine and food pairing will also be discussed and included to enhance the overall experience. And if I may be so bold in recommending, we’ll close out the event with the opening of a Vintage Port wine on fire. It will be an unforgettable highlight of the evening!


Remember it’s the smallest detail that will make your event memorable.


There are many other dynamic, informative, and fun activities about wine listed below.

Courses and wine tastings

Wine and food pairing workshops

Team building activities



Here is a list of offerings that also fall under my services:


- Waitstaff Wine Training
- Wine List Consulting
- Wine Cellar Consulting

- Wine Event Management

- Guest Speaker

- Digital Content Creation



"I had the privilege of working with Teresa Gomes several times. She is a wise, experienced, and dedicated wine expert. Strong, detail-oriented, and organized, a person you can trust when you want to be sure that important tasks will be completed systematically and accurately. Teresa Gomes is probably one of the best Sommeliers I have ever met and always extremely passionate about sharing her love of the best Portuguese wines!"

João Aníbal Henriques
(Tow Travel)

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