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Wine Courses

Wine is complex and scary ... or is it?


Do you have difficulty choosing a bottle of Portuguese wine at the store or restaurant?

Are you missing the words to describe the wine that you like?

Do you become nervous when having to choose a wine for your meal?

With just a few short hours it’s possible to see wine in a fun and easy way - let me show you how.


As a Sommelier and Wine Educator with over 20 years of experience, I developed the 4 P’S method to help you see each bottle of wine like it was your best friend - to know their character, understand their preferences, and even guess their moods. 


I have helped people like you increase their confidence when selecting a bottle of wine and to enjoy more pleasure when drinking it through wine courses.

Since 2004, I have hosted more than 900 wine classes and transformed almost 17 thousand people into enthusiastic Portuguese wine drinkers.


Many of these classes took place at The Wine Flat Lisbon, an intimate space opened in 2017 dedicated to learning about Portuguese wines that reached the top as one of the most requested experiences in the city by tourists.


Whether you’re in Portugal or online, you can improve your knowledge of wines and create memorable experiences with every glass you drink.


 Click below to join an online wine class or a wine experience with me



"Teresa combines her incredible level of expertise and her warmth as a host to ensure a wonderful wine tasting experience. Everything was explained at our level and Teresa was open to all of our questions. Even though my husband and I have very different tastes in wine and different levels of knowledge of wine, we both loved the experience. I cannot recommend this highly enough. It was unique and has become a highlight of our trip!"

Annelies Van De Ven Belgium

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