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I offer unforgettable Portuguese wines experiences tailored for businesses and wine enthusiasts. 


I would like to
know more about wine

Do you have difficulty choosing a bottle of Portuguese wine at the store or restaurant?

Are you missing the words to describe the wine that you like?

Do you become nervous when having to choose a wine for your meal?

With the 4 P’s method and just a few hours, you’ll start seeing wine in a relaxing and fun way.

How often is wine paired with a food related best life memory? And It’s because of that culinary experience that you remember that specific trip, that particular day, who you were with, and the joy you felt.   

Creating this type of experience is what happens when you have a Sommelier present at your next event - the memories are everlasting.

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What is a


1  Since the beginning of the 20th century, a variant of the French word “sommerier, sommier”, or a person in charge of the provisions, who, by transporting the wine barrels, ended up being tasked with tasting its contents before it was served to the Kings and nobles to avoid poisoning attempts;

2  A wine waiter in a restaurant or other establishment, who supervises orders, the cellar and performs wine service;

3  Someone who judges and tastes wines and gives suggestions
for their occasion;




"I had the privilege of working with Teresa Gomes several times. She is a wise, experienced, and dedicated wine expert. Strong, detail-oriented, and organized, a person you can trust when you want to be sure that important tasks will be completed systematically and accurately. Teresa Gomes is probably one of the best Sommeliers I have ever met and always extremely passionate about sharing her love of the best Portuguese wines!"

João Aníbal Henriques
(Tow Travel)

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