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Discovering Portuguese Wines Online Class


For wine lovers eager to learn more about Portuguese wines I host online wine courses and virtual wine classes. 

My goal is to present to you the wine regions of Portugal and its grape varieties as well as the specific vocabulary and tasting techniques in an approachable way no matter if you’re a beginner or expert.
You’ll also learn about the history of Portuguese wines and their Denominations of Origin.

It all starts in the vineyard and this is where we’ll also start to "taste" the wines. We’ll understand the vegetative cycle of the vine, the grape varieties, the white and red winemaking process and the aging in oak.

During the virtual wine tasting class, we’ll talk about technique, vocabulary, and discuss wine and food pairing. Plus I’ll provide you with indispensable tips on how to store and serve wine at home.

Discovering Portuguese Wines Online Class is a course with a strong practical component and a guaranteed good time!



"Teresa combines her incredible level of expertise and her warmth as a host to ensure a wonderful wine tasting experience. Everything was explained at our level and Teresa was open to all of our questions. Even though my husband and I have very different tastes in wine and different levels of knowledge of wine, we both loved the experience. I cannot recommend this highly enough. It was unique and has become a highlight of our trip!"

Annelies Van De Ven Belgium



For students, aspiring Sommeliers or professionals in the wine industry who want to increase and deepen their knowledge about Portuguese wines and wine service techniques in a restaurant/bar or wine cellars, I make all my knowledge of more than 25 years available in private online sessions.

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